About us

BCL Real Estate your real estate advisor!


Added value as a core value

We will only advise you if we are able to add value to your organisation, strategy or portfolio.

This approach constitutes the foundation for a long-term relationship built on trust. Trust in our expertise and dedication, but also in our integrity. One of our principles is our commitment to our clients; we will therefore never represent other parties who may damage our clients’ interests.


Real Estate is our passion

Your strategy is our guiding principle. BCL Real Estate will look for real estate which suits your plans. Every step towards your goal is considered carefully. With a good strategy you can save a lot of money. We do not exclude ad hoc opportunities, but we will always assess these on their value for your strategy. If they fit in with your plans we will act upon them. If they don’t, we will continue looking.



Our way of working is transparent and honest.
We are honest about our activities and our expertise.


BCL Real Estate your real estate advisor!